Our Vendors

We source the freshest and most delicious ingredients from these fine farmers!

Hope Creamery [butter]

Hope, MN

Not much has changed since 1964, we still make small batches of butter using fresh Minnesota cream from area farmers and we sell locally to grocery stores and restaurants.

While most butter today comes from modern creameries that are automatically controlled industries, we still run a traditional creamery with skilled butter makers so you get the very best butter possible.

JR's Country Eggs [eggs]


From 2005 – 2013 JRS Country Acres operated as an independently owned Wisconsin family farm, producing cage free, vegetarian fed brown eggs. After research, talks and discussions with other family farmers the Tholens (farm family owners of JRS Country Acres) decided that they would like to refocus their farm operation around grading, packaging and distribution for their farm business.

In March 2013, JRS Country Acres became USDA certified as an egg processing facility. By bringing the egg processing responsibilities to the family farm, the family farm operation was able to grow. In August 2013, JRS Country Acres became an FDA Registered Food Processing Facility.

JRS Country Acres assists other small family farms by; (1) providing washing, grading and packaging services, (2) providing access to larger marketplace sales opportunities, and (3) by providing farm families with a living wage and fair price for their eggs.

Fischer Family Farms [bacon]

Waseca, Minnesota

All of our natural pork products are hormone and growth stimulant-free. We raise heritage breeds, including Yorkshire, Hampshire, Berkshire, and Duroc, to ensure more marble and fat in our products.

Each breed is well-fed and kept in dry, open air pens to yield lean, healthy meat.

Truebridge Farms [pork]

Omaha, NE

A pork company founded by veterinarians who care about family farmers, their happy pigs, and genuinely healthy food. Each piece of Truebridge pork is born from our desire to use science and good design to raise pigs ethically and sustainably. If you raise pigs right, bacon isn't the only piece of pork that tastes amazing.

Grassrun Farms [beef]

Greeley, CO

Grass Run Farms works with the natural environment to offer a natural, forage-based diet to our cattle … delivering a healthy diet for you.

The art to grass fed farming goes beyond the beautiful pasture landscape. Healthy cattle require healthy soil, nutritious forage in their diets, and a tranquil environment. Experienced farmers and ranchers work year-round with the natural cycle of the land, the sun, and the water supply to cultivate calming and nutritious pastures for their cattle. This extra environmental attention yields healthy animals that never receive antibiotics and allows them to gain weight without added growth hormones or growth promotants.

Midwest Salad Company [greens]

Waseca, MN

Sassy Cow Creamery [milk & cream]

Columbus, WI

Great quality dairy products come from the milk of cows that are respected and treated well...that’s what it is all about.

We have 450 traditional and 250 organic cows that supply all the milk that is used at the Sassy Cow Creamery. In total they produce about 6,000 gallons of milk a day. These cows' diets consist of pasture, alfalfa, corn, soybeans and wheat--and neither farm uses rBGH. The farms they live on produce corn, soy beans, alfalfa and wheat.

B&W [coffee]

Bloomington, MN

As a small batch coffee roaster (also known as micro roasting), we capture the beans best characteristics and subtle nuances, that are distinct to each coffee. Every coffee is carefully cupped to meet our high standards. In order to ensure the future of quality coffee, B+W is committed to the integrity of Fair Trade relations with coffee growing communities, and to supporting sustainable farming practices.