Our Vendors

We source the freshest and most delicious ingredients from these fine farmers!

Hope Creamery [butter]

Hope, MN

Not much has changed since 1964, we still make small batches of butter using fresh Minnesota cream from area farmers and we sell locally to grocery stores and restaurants.

While most butter today comes from modern creameries that are automatically controlled industries, we still run a traditional creamery with skilled butter makers so you get the very best butter possible.

Sparboe Farms [eggs]

Wayzata, MN

Sparbore Farms value passion, respect, family, courage, integrity, and stewardship. Hatched in 1954, Sparboe started as a chick distributor in Minnesota. Since then their family-owned (and woman-owned) company has grown from chicks to eggs and egg products (like liquid eggs).

At Sparboe Companies, the shell eggs and egg products they produce are nothing without their quality assurance team. This group of 45 experts ensure the food they share with families meets their high standards. In addition to a host of government regulations, they also set our own bar when it comes to food safety.

Fischer Family Farms [bacon + ham]

Waseca, Minnesota

All of our natural pork products are hormone and growth stimulant-free. We raise heritage breeds, including Yorkshire, Hampshire, Berkshire, and Duroc, to ensure more marble and fat in our products.

Each breed is well-fed and kept in dry, open air pens to yield lean, healthy meat.

Comfrey Farm [pork]

Windom, MN

Comfrey Farm® Prime Pork brings you robust tender meat, brimming with juices. They produce in small batches for exquisite flavor, integrity, and the ultimate in traceability and accountability. Like heirloom tomatoes, Duroc is a treasured breed, passed down generations for its exceptional taste. Comfrey prized pigs are sired by registered purebred Durocs, known for being robust and hardy, bred to deliver everything you desire when it comes to exceptional, “craft” meat.

Upper Iowa Beef [beef]

Lime Springs, IA

Upper Iowa Beef believes in providing humane care for their animals, in respecting the farmers who raise their cattle, and in providing transparent information to the families who will enjoy their beef at their dinner table.

Based in Lime Springs, Iowa (and originally known as Lime Springs Beef), they selected the name Upper Iowa Beef to reflect the customers and region they serve. They’re on a journey that involves sustainability, compassion, common sense, and bringing food production back to a local level.

Bell & Evans [chicken]


Bell & Evans is the oldest branded chicken company in Amercia, and they’ve been innovating every step of the way. A lot has changed since they started in 1894, but their commitment to their chickens, people and quality remains steadfast. From humane animal welfare to their100% Air Chilled method, everything Bell & Evans does adds up to healthier, more flavorful food. No antibiotics. No added water. No junk.

Rykoff Sexton [pole & line caught albacore tuna]

As a premium fish with a mild flavor and a meaty texture, only albacore tuna can be labeled as white tuna. It is great addition to your menu and an excellent choice for the conscientious consumer. The use of dolphin safe catch methods helps contribute to the long-term conservation and sustainable use of tuna stocks, reduces by catch and promotes ecosystem health.

Midwest Salad Company [greens]

Waseca, MN

Established in 1998, Midwest Salad Company supplies flavorful, nutritious vegetables to their clients located in the country and throughout the world.

Heron Point Seafood [crab]


B&W [coffee]

Bloomington, MN

As a small batch coffee roaster (also known as micro roasting), we capture the beans best characteristics and subtle nuances, that are distinct to each coffee. Every coffee is carefully cupped to meet our high standards. In order to ensure the future of quality coffee, B+W is committed to the integrity of Fair Trade relations with coffee growing communities, and to supporting sustainable farming practices.